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Clifton Springs Statistics
Clifton Springs Statistics

Clifton Springs Population
Population, Group Quarters
Population, Youth & Young Adults
Population, by Race
Hispanic Latino
Population, Race Combinations
Population, Hispanic Latino
Population, by Household

Clifton Springs Education
Education, by Sex
Education, by Age
School Enrollment
School Enrollment, by Age

Clifton Springs Employment
Armed Forces
Employment, Disability
Employment, Status
Work Force

Clifton Springs Origin & Language
Birth Records
Marital Status
Sex, by Age Group
Sex, by Age

Clifton Springs Income & Poverty
Income, by Age & Household
Poverty, Family
Poverty, General
Poverty, Individual

Clifton Springs Households
Households, Group Quarters
Households, Non-Traditional

Clifton Springs Transportation

Clifton Springs Housing
Home Owners
Housing, Age
Housing, Costs
Housing, Details
Housing, Elderly & Poverty
Housing, Facilities
Housing, Rental Costs
Housing, Vacancy
Housing, Value

Clifton Springs Disability
Disability, Types of

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Clifton Springs Statistics

General Clifton Springs statistics. Including local population, race, housing, social information and details about the Clifton Springs economy.

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